Why Your Next Paddleboard Destination Should Be Alaska

When people think of paddleboarding, they are most likely to conjure an image of golden sands and clear skies, taking themselves onto the water during summer on a warm day. While this is certainly a wonderful way to enjoy paddleboarding, one of the most exciting qualities of the watersport is that it is not restricted to warm climates, nor is it restricted to sandy beaches. In fact, this is only a very small part of the paddleboarding world.

Many paddleboarders seek out bodies of water away from beaches, swapping waves for tranquil lakes or even rivers. Others prefer to exchange warm weather for cool and crisp days, wrapping up to venture out onto the water. And, for one of the most unique experiences, many will choose to begin their next paddleboarding adventure in Alaska.


There are an amazing variety of landscapes to experience in Alaska, a state that boasts millions of lakes and wildly different environments, from snow-capped mountains to luscious forests. Many of these landscapes simply cannot be found elsewhere in the US and are among some of the most beautiful settings in the world.

Of course, the most appealing landscapes, those that lure many paddleboarders to visit each year, are the state’s coasts, with their beguiling glaciers. Paddleboarding offers an opportunity to not only see these amazing formations but to paddle beside them, gliding over tranquil and icy waters beneath towering crystal glaciers.


Setting out on clear waters, and experiencing the majesty of Alaska’s mountain ranges, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The colder climate might not suggest comfort or a reason for a relaxing holiday but it is a pristine escape and promising you bring the right clothing for warmth Alaska offers many great environments for adventure.

Many individuals and groups will also use the serene setting for practicing yoga on the water or exploring icy coves, finding the peacefulness of the ice to be entirely relaxing. There’s also the opportunity to fish in a number of locations, including many of the state’s national parks.


Those familiar with Alaska’s waters will know that it is a place full of fascinating wildlife, including many majestic whales. There are even a number of groups and courses dedicated to paddleboarding with whales around the city of Juneau.

While wildlife isn’t always assured on an outing, humpback whales are frequently spotted in autumn and winter, and, on days with little activity, coastal Alaska waters offer a number of stunning islands to paddle to, which are the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon.


To truly escape and have an adventure like few others, Alaska is the ideal place to visit. Paddleboarding can be remarkably relaxing, promising that you are able to find a quiet spot, something that can be challenging on the more popular beaches of North America.

Alaska is remote and, with its rugged landscape and great expanse, you are certain to find a quiet spot for your very own totally private adventure.