Snorkeling Tips For Non-Swimmers

Snorkeling is one of the popular holiday activities that people love to indulge in. But often non-swimmers are questioned whether they are eligible for snorkeling. One of the most searched questions on the internet is do you need to know how to swim to snorkel? The good news is even non-swimmers can enjoy the underwater world via snorkeling.

Choosing the right snorkeling destination

Selecting the right snorkeling destination is the deal-breaker. One can research several beginner-friendly spots with protected beaches and coves and opt for one. Snorkeling is best when executed in shallow, calm water without strong currents and waves. Before undertaking snorkeling, checking weather and water current conditions is important. It is better to avoid entering the water if it is rough or makes one uncomfortable. Furthermore, it is always better to avoid offshore spots until one gets some experience with snorkeling or is an experienced and confident swimmer.

Having a company

Snorkeling with a company is a tip that must be considered even when one becomes experienced. This is a way of feeling and staying safe underwater, where catastrophes come uninvited. If one is undertaking snorkeling, and it is the first time, going into the water alone is a big no. Similarly, this applies to the non-swimmers or the ones who aren’t confident about their swimming skills. Staying comfortable in the water is the key, which is often a lag for non-swimmers.

Considering an experienced guide

Booking a snorkeling trip with an experienced guide is an excellent way to try snorkeling for non-swimmers. Several private tour organizations and companies specifically arrange snorkeling trips for beginners or non-swimmers. Their motto is simple, that is, even non-swimmers can enjoy the magical world of snorkeling.

They want to end the question, Do you need to know how to swim to snorkel? Snorkeling companies and trips assure a non-swimmer, and a beginner is always accompanied by a guide and is made to feel comfortable underwater. The guide wears a wheel or a life preserver where beginners and non-swimmers can hang any time.

Considering floating devices

When one is a non-swimmer wearing floating devices is the optimal way to boost safety while snorkeling. One can select from a wide array of options like life jackets, pool floats, swim buoys, ski belts, snorkeling vests, and so on. Snorkeling vests are the best to keep afloat and also allow to swim with face in the water. This is the perfect body position for snorkeling and rendering the best view of marine life. Moreover, ‘full face’ snorkeling masks are considered the best for non-swimmers. They don’t have to breathe via the conventional snorkel which makes one sip the water.

Avoiding fear or panic

Fear or panic is one of the biggest challenges that a non-swimmer might experience. The non-swimmer might not feel comfortable and will be nervous, and this is true especially if it is for the first time. Rapid breathing, increased heart rate, tensed muscles, and trembling are some of the signs of anxiety.  When one feels anxious and uncomfortable, it is necessary to tell the companion or the guide who is snorkeling. Distracting from irrational thoughts and actions is the best way to avoid overwhelming oneself.

Snorkeling secret tips for non-swimmers and beginners

If one is bothered with the question, do you need to know how to swim to snorkel? there is nothing to worry about. Even non-swimmers can enjoy the marine world by learning easy-to-follow snorkeling secrets. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • How to be calm using a ‘full face’ snorkeling mask in under five minutes?
  • Why is it not necessary to know how to swim to enjoy snorkeling?
  • What is the method to defog the mask and then again put it to use without delay?
  • When and how should one use a snorkeling mask?

The above-mentioned are some of the questions that snorkeling guides and experienced experts can answer and make the snorkeling trip for non-swimmers more eventful.


If the question is, do you need to know how to swim to snorkel? has been bothersome, the good news is even non-swimmers can enjoy snorkeling and exploring the marine world. It is important that one must be comfortable in the water and is not panic-stricken.