Most Important Details about Empty Leg Flights

An empty leg flight is also known as a repositioning flight. This refers to a situation when the aircraft is sent on a mission without any passengers in it. Empty leg flight offer all the perks of flying privately for a fraction of the cost.

An empty leg flight goes by many names which include empty flight, repositioning leg,  one-way flight, dead-head, and ferry flight. Since the aircraft is returning to the home base or a brand-new location to pick up passengers, the aviation broker may offer to take the passengers to their intended destination at a discounted rate. Passengers who are fine with flying on short notice or those who want to save up on travel costs may benefit a lot from learning more about empty flights and how these flights operate.

When does this occur?

This may happen when any of such conditions occur. One is when the plane needs to be repositioned to attend to a passenger in a different location. This is also possible when the plane is returning after a trade show, regular light maintenance, or any similar situation. A passenger chartered the aircraft for a one-way flight, making the other leg of the flight available for sale.

It is said that about 10 to 30 percent of all business aviation flights tend to return empty. The contractor or operator may decide to sell the flights or monetize them. There are no standard rates for empty leg flights, but in general, these flights are offered with 40 to 70% discounts.

What to consider with an empty leg flight

The schedules of such flights are subject to changes. Every fourth empty leg flight is expected to experience a modification or cancellation because of changes in the original itinerary. These flights may not include extras. Because of their promotional nature, operators often decline to offer extra services such as meals or beverages. Empty leg flights are not shared all the time. They can be bought as stand-alone charter options. Other flights of such nature also include pay-per-seat offers.

What makes this flight different?

When compared with commercial flights, empty flights offer passengers a more luxurious yet private experience that is not guaranteed most of the time on any standard flight. Through such flights, you may fly with a few select passengers or a private party as you try to veer away from the cramped conditions you often go through on commercial flights.

Empty Leg Flight Benefits

Most passengers look out for such flights to avoid long queues, enjoy more flexible conditions, improved privacy, and extra savings. Most empty leg charter flights are flexible when it comes to departure and arrival schedules. By taking such flights, passengers may avoid long queues for security and screening checks. Such flights are much like standard private jet flights. These are one-way flights that offer more privacy and a more comfortable flying experience. The privacy this flight offers allows you to focus on your work or to relax more. On top of these, you will receive personalized service from the flight crew.