Exploring The Mountain Town Of Ouray In Colorado

If you are looking for an offbeat destination in Colorado, Ouray should be your top pick for the right reasons. Ouray is perfect in every season, and there is no dearth of activities here, regardless of whether you are looking for a family vacation, or a personal outing with your spouse. Finding an Ouray Colorado hotel is also easy, with many places offering a warm, family atmosphere. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about exploring Ouray.

  • The mountains around: Ouray is known for its mountainous terrain and incredible Victorian buildings. For those who want to explore the beauty of the region, there are numerous trails to check. If you want to see the flora of the region, spring and summer are the bestseasons to come here, although you are likely to see a better range in autumn. Expect to see the best of autumn shades, include reds and oranges.
  • The long list of events: No matter the season, you will find a long list of several fun events. Ouray Ice Festival remains one of the major highlights of the winter season, while in summer, there are all kinds of open music festivals. Many events also happen on and around July 4th.

  • Things to do. Ouray is known for its numerous activities too. Cross county skiing is one of the many activities you can enjoy here, and then, there are the standard options of fishing and hiking. You can also go around shopping, or just take a jeep and hop around the local areas and outskirts. For adventure and fun, Ouray is just the perfect getaway.
  • The incredible local food. If you are a foodie, you can explore numerous themed restaurants in Ouray along the main street. O’Brien’s Pub is a good pick to try Irish American food, while you can try Italian authentic food at Bon Ton Restaurant. Cafes are around in plenty, so grab a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee and go around. Ouray also has some good breweries that deserve a visit.

Plan your Ouray trip now

Ouray is also about history. Check the history of this mountain town, which was once famed for mining. Also, there are green forests all around, and you will find small museums too. Just book your tickets and get going, and don’t forget to reserve your rooms in advance to find the best options.