6 Amazing Outdoor Activities You Must Try With Friends

Spending quality time with friends is, without a doubt, the best way to pass time. Nothing beats making new memories with your friends, which is why you should spend more time with them outside of your usual evening routine of going to pubs and restaurants. If you are looking for outdoor activities in the UK, this is a list of some of the best ways to catch up and reminisce about your shared memories, and make new ones:

  • Scuba Diving

If you have ever tried scuba diving, you will be well aware of how much pleasure this adventurous sport can provide. If you are still learning the skill, there is no better way to do so than with a group of friends — you will learn it as a group and have a common ability to call on for future vacations. Additionally, after completing the first level of scuba diving proficiency, which takes less than a week, you’ll be able to dive to depths of up to 18 metres.

  • Going On A Hike

All you need to do is get your friends, put on your hiking shoes and sports clothing, and head out to go hiking. Make sure to bring some snacks and drinks with you so you can feast at the top while taking in the spectacular views and hanging out with friends and family.

You can also spice up hiking by riding a mountain bike, whether on hiking routes or in low-lying areas, to explore the neighbourhood and neighbouring areas. Rather than walking or running, it’s a fun approach to enjoying nature and the outdoors with your friends!

  • Skiing Or Snowboarding

These are two winter sports that are excellent for groups. The amount of fun you’ll have hitting the slopes together is immeasurable, and because you’ll be staying in a cabin as a group, even those who aren’t particularly fond of skiing or snowboarding won’t be bored. Take to the slopes with friends and teach those who haven’t tried these fun winter activities yet. After your activities, light a fire to keep warm and drink hot cocoa while talking about anything under the sky with your loved ones.

  • Biking

Mountain biking as a group is a great way to get off the tourist trail and explore the area more extensively, as there are many fantastic places in the area that you would never find if you were always driving around the city. If you’re new to biking, start on established lowland paths and work your way up to more challenging cross-country trails.

  • Visit A Beach

A beach trip is the way to go for friends who love the water. You can take a short road trip across England and later visit the local beach, where you may relax on the sand, play beach volleyball, or even build a campfire to enjoy s’mores and serious chats as the sun sets. And, of course, you can even try the numerous water sports available at the beach — you can even go kayaking or sailing together with your friends!

  • Explore The Myth And Folklore In Scottish Highlands

This countryside is your playground if you enjoy being active and adventurous. Consider boating, biking, and hiking in the UK where the environment is absolutely stunning but is also rich in history, mystery, tradition, and legend. Tour ancient castles, both standing and in ruins, visit the Highland Folk Museum, visit the Glenfinnan Monument, which commemorates those who died during the Battle of Culloden, visit the Clava Cairns standing-stone burial mounds, and sample whisky at one of the area’s many distilleries. 

The great outdoors of the UK awaits you and your friends, with a wide variety of activities to choose from. In fact, no matter where you reside here, the options are infinite because you can do so many things together. So, call your friends right now and start planning your next journey with all of these exciting things in mind!